Architecture & Construction

Blue Bird provides best Architecture, 3D Elevations & Construction Management Services to its Clients. Whole procedure includes but not limited to the following:

Concept Designing, Architecture & Engineering Drawings: This stage is concerned with preparing a concept design for the preferred option and developing and then freezing the project brief. It may also include making an outline planning application or a detailed planning application and appointment of the construction manager on completion of concept design.

Earlier or later this appointment will result in the activities being re-allocated between the consultant team and the construction manager (for example the role of cost consultant) and starting the work stage and appointing additional members of the consultant team if necessary.

The client updates the project execution plan to reflect comments made at the end of the previous stage. The lead consultant co-ordinates a start-up meeting attended by the consultant team and the client to receive comments made at the end of the previous stage, to issue the revised project execution plan and project brief and to agree the program for the stage.

Structural Engineering: We offer a full complement of structural and construction engineering services for the medical, industrial and commercial markets. We work closely with our clients understanding their goals and objectives to develop a project specific solution which exceeds expectations.

Our structural engineering services include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Building Design Services
  • Site Structure Design
  • Construction Engineering
  • Structural review services

3D Elevations & Visuals: No building owner is ready to compromise on quality of building and budget. So it is a difficult task for architects, engineers and general contractors to construct high performing buildings within the stringent budget. However, our 3D visualization & modeling services help them in a great level to achieve this difficult goal. The parametric models developed for architecture and structure and 3D Building Information Modeling helps manage and resolve all types of construction problems in a construction project.

Building Information Modeling is an efficient project delivery tool in all stages of a building construction like pre-design space planning phase, construct-ability, schedule planning and finally integration of each subcontractor work into the model. Blue Bird helps reduce countless change orders and added cost issues and so it can accomplish space planning and coordination more economically.

3D modeling services enable the project team of construction companies to visualize the project by creating a virtual environment. Therefore, these models can be used as a resource in the planning stage of the projects. These 3D tools enhance the communication among the different team members of a project like design team, subcontractors, owners and others that leads to a significant development in the planning process of a project.

Some of the important advantages our 3D visualization are the following.

  • it enhances site planning and spatial coordination
  • it helps for visual scheduling and phasing
  • it enables accurate material tracking and quantity take-offs
  • it boosts field communication
  • it allows efficient energy analysis and modeling
  • it helps for integrated shop drawings
  • It allows visualizing the impact of changes in the design prior to construction
  • it can improve construction predictability
  • It predicts the performance of the building

Walkthroughs & Animations: In today’s world of instant gratification, 3d walkthroughs and fly-throughs providing a virtual tour of the property in a future-completed state gives a very intense and emotional experience. Although it is in the conceptual stage but the animations and the three dimensional walkthroughs gives you the feeling of being present there at the moment with a very haptic and real experience of your project.

We design and draw visualizing architectural and interior design in 3d. Main objective of our team is to produce high quality photo-realistic 3d renderings and animations for architects, interior designers, civil engineers, developers and advertising organizations. Professional 3d modelers and animators are engaged to achieve our goal which is client’s satisfaction. We provide different options and innovative ideas to create a strong presentation on the basis of our exposure with leading architects and designers.

Town Planning & Map Designing: No project can be successful without adequate preparation. There are many factors which need to be addressed before construction can occur, which is why we emphasize the pre-construction planning phase of each job we work on. This necessary step sets up the base for additional architectural design and construction execution, and it is one that should never be overlooked or rushed.

In the planning and pre-construction phase of your project we take into account multiple project factors, namely your schedule and your budget. Making sure these two go hand in hand is crucial for ensuring your project’s success.

The key elements of this phase include:

  • Property selection and acquisition (choosing the ideal location for construction and acquiring it)
  • A detailed layout of the project’s phases (budget allocation and design recommendations for each)
  • Taking a project through the city or county approval process
  • Seeking out available tax incentives and rebates
  • Finding and securing the best financing option
  • Appraisals and estimates
  • Scheduling and logistics
  • Assembling a team of qualified subcontractors and suppliers
  • Safety planning
  • Value engineering

Each step is critical for your project’s success, and none is more important than the other.

Construction Management Services: Whether its arrangement of Machinery or Labour, Contracting & Feasibility, Negotiations & Procurement, Management & Supervision of Site & Labour, Blue Bird stands from start to end.

Marketing & Booking of Project: When a project, especially commercial and large scaled project, comes to Marketing, Advertising, Promotion or Booking Stage, Blue Bird provides the best services in the Market.